Creating a ranking of a year's worth of music consumption is pretty difficult since only the last 3 months or so would stand out, but here is an attempt at mine for the year 2021:


#1 Etabliert - Nullzweizwei
Rap wasn't something that interested me that much outside noname, with the closest genre being Japanese Hip-hop. This album is full of energy and crudeness that goes way over my head, and that is great. The album's track order, how it mixes in some pop tracks in the middle, makes for an enjoybale listening experience 16 hours a day.


#2 Planet Her - Doja Cat
It seems to be rare for any music produced by women to be targeted to other women, or themselves. Often their music feels like another way to entertain men. Planet Her has tracks "Woman", "Ain't Shit", "Alone" that goes over relatable experiences for most women, while encouraging compassion for one another and higher self-worth. For a similar energy, Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans by Uffie is recommended.


#3 Nectar - Joji
I admire Joji as a public figure, having fought off his curse of being a self-destructive internet joke forever. It would have taken an insane amount of courage to declare himself as something to be taken seriously, and all that hard work and pain I believe is visible in this album. Favorite is Mr. Hollywood into 777. Was also great to see BENEE here.



#1 Chinatown - Starcadian
Vocoder = Nice


#2 sienna sleep - ö÷ÿýúóúóúäûäóëüü÷²ÿûêæóâ÷
Feels like drowning with your Game Boy in your mother's bathtub at 3AM on a Sunday night.


#3 Scha Dara Parr feat Ozawa Kenji - Konya Wa Boogie Back
A nostalgic experience into 90s Japan in its music video.