Recently I had given myself a 3-month timeframe in order to make a game.
The engine chosen was Godot, which natively uses a python-like language called GDScript.

Godot seems to be rising in popularity with its updates towards being more capable handling 3D, and it being cross-platform and free, it's starting to be more appealing towards Unity developers.

As someone who has mainly used Unity for game-related projects, I found Godot to not be too fun to work with at the end of the 3 months.
Navigating through code and scenes is messy - you can often get mixed up between what scene and scripts you have open
And while OOP is entirely possible, it's not the main intent with the scripting language, as such code ends up feeling dirty for me

Features that I enjoyed:

  • Animated sprite node - has a good UI for splicing spritesheets
  • Timers - Easy tool for timed events, would like to see Unity have this
  • Node System - There is one tree that exists for a lifecycle, and you switch out child nodes to "switch scenes"
  • UI Theming - Didn't get to customize this much but the kitchen-sink view for all elements is useful

The game itself is not complete, but has most of the features I intended it to have.

Game can be viewed on GitHub here