Happy new year.
Here's a post of things I enjoyed in 2020.

I found this on a music forum and have thoroughly enjoyed it since. It give you the feeling of an adventurous character in a futuristic city. Favorite track is DesktopBuddy.

Joji - Nectar
Maybe not an artist I want to admit to liking, but the album was too addictive. Over the course of 2 weeks I listened to it at least 6 hours a day. I'm happy that Joji has continued his music career, and has continued to refine and better this work. Favorite track is Mr. Hollywood.

Chainsaw Man
Absolutely unique manga. The pacing does not compare to any other, it is incredibly to the point while still giving you space to take in the characters and various moods. It tends to catch you off-guard with how ridiculous some chapters are. Recommended for people who have read a lot of manga.

At first Beastars read like a bad fanfic - but after the early arcs, both the art and writing improves dramatically to present a very well thought-out world.

A claymation turn-based RPG. Though it's made in RPGMaker it doesn't play like the others. The atmosphere from the unique art style, combining both real 3D and MS Paint-like 2D, and the creative concepts like snapping fingers for attacking and the character designs makes for a very immersive game. A little short, though.

The Witness
Game by Jonathan Blow (Braid). The more hours I spend absolutely despising myself during a puzzle game, the more I know a puzzle game is good. Though all the puzzle types may seem the same, the mechanics are incredily varied, and Mr. Blow makes very good use of the 3D space. 

Online Services
I miss Wunderlist.