After many layouts I could never get that original feeling back, so the site has been put back to the layout it had in 2013.

The Ezine has been put in the main menu.
It's been some years since a new issue has been released but there are plans to put new content on it next year.

The guest book is intended to be some sort of a link-out page where visitors can also leave their website links.

Remaining tasks for this site:

  • Guestbook
  • Code snippet styling

2020 has been one of the less productive years in terms of output of development projects. The time seemingly has melted away without much thought behind it, which is concerning. Perhaps this is how things become as we age. Or perhaps I have become too complacent.

One thing I had been stubborn about this year is game development - much time was spent attempting to put together some kind of game, and while the programming style was different from application development and I learned much from it, the other aspects like asset creation was very time consuming. 

Next year the focus will be put back towards web application development.